16 Febbraio, 2022

CHETO through the eyes of… PAULO OLIVEIRA

1.       Who is Paulo Oliveira and when did his professional path meet CHETO?
Paulo Oliveira 46 years old.

After finishing high school in the food industry, but with a passion for mechanics, I was invited to work in the mold industry in the design department.

I worked in the mold industry for 15 years, going from being a draftsman to being project manager, having at the same time attended an after-work course in Industrial Production and Maintenance Eng.

In the following 3 years I was involved in the mold industry and at the same time in the design and development of machines.

In 2011 I joined a project where I combined the roles of project leader and commercial technician in the automotive mold industry, later in 2014, at the invitation of CHETO, I joined the project and development team as head of the project and development department, a position I hold until to the present day.



2.       What are your main responsibilities?
Currently, my duties include managing the mechanical engineering team in the development and creation of CHETO products, as well as technical integration with suppliers and customers.

3.       What challenges do you encounter daily?
The main challenges on a daily basis are:
- Keeping the team together, motivated and with creative capacity.
- Adjusting machine designs to customer needs and overcome all challenges imposed by them.
- Staying up to date with technological innovations.

4.       What strategies do you use to overcome these challenges?
In order to overcome the challenges, it is necessary to plan and set goals, create empathy with the whole team, listen to opinions and create challenges.

Another important point is ongoing training for all employees.

5.       What is CHETO's success due to?
The success is due to the entire work group that makes up CHETO, which is always looking for more and better in all departments, trying to meet what has not yet been created, with the aim of improving and valuing the CHETO product.

It is also due to the commitment assumed by the entire CHETO team, and I mean all departments, it demonstrates for each new machine project, makes it unique and adapted to the needs of each customer, making it feel satisfied and motivated with the purchase of a CHETO equipment.



6.       What are the differentiating features of CHETO machines?
CHETO machines are characterized by their robustness, versatility and functionality in drilling, deep drilling, threading and machining.

Our machines use the best technologies available on the market, one of their strengths being their ability to adjust to customer needs.

7.       What prospects do you foresee for the future of CHETO?
The last 2 years have brought great challenges to our structure, which have led us to reinvent processes and methods, thus managing to overcome these constraints, making us even stronger and with greater ability to adapt and solve challenges.

The future can only have positive perspectives as CHETO's commitment to the market is to be at the forefront of leadership. Since the design department is one of the locomotives when it comes to the development of new products, we have as a challenge and requirement to keep the focus on the CHETO commitment, managing to respond to the demands of the market.

With CHETO present throughout the world, we will focus on solid, innovative and sustainable growth accompanied by a lot of resilience in order to continue to lead and innovate the market with new solutions that satisfy customers, thus differentiating our brand in the market.


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