26 Janvier, 2022

CHETO through the eyes of… RUI NEGRAIS

Meet CHETO through the eyes of its Supply Chain Manager, Rui Negrais, who has been with CHETO since its foundation and who gives us an insight into the main strategies for CHETO's success.

 1.       Who is Rui Negrais and when did his professional career meet CHETO?

I´m Rui Negrais, I´m 48 years old, divorced and the father of a 16-year-old daughter. I started working in 1991 after finishing high school, but at that time I thought I could and should continue studying. So, I studied management and accounting at night school and, at the same time, worked at Arsopi Thermal. I finished the course in 1995 and in 2000 I took on another professional experience until 2012. It was at that time that the CHETO Project appeared, and I embraced it with all my strength.


 2.       What are your main functions?

In 2012, at the beginning of CHETO as a productive company, I was hired for the purchasing department, a role I still perform today, but like any company starting activity, with few employees, we all have to be multifaceted. In my case, that's what happened, because I went through quality (Certification), accounting, cost analysis, budgeting, among other needs at the time, but this gave me a vast knowledge of the entire CHETO process and its reality.

Since CHETO does not have the process of part production, everything goes through purchases, so I have to analyze the needs and make sure that everything that is needed is available for use. It's not an easy process because it's not just “buying”, it's necessary to know what to buy, know how and when to buy and then the most difficult, guarantee deadlines, especially in subcontracting.

At the moment, there is a colleague in the department, working under my responsibility, this “acquisition” was very important, because with the growth and volume of CHETO's needs under the responsibility of a single person, it was totally impossible.

I am also responsible for the company's External Logistics and all its transport needs, whether for import or export.


 3.       What challenges do you encounter daily?

Since CHETO does not have a production with machines, it is a “clean” process (Commercial/ Project/Purchases/ Assembly/Final Assembly), where all needs go through the acquisition of material and services. Thus, the purchasing department has to analyze the needs and make purchases of material and services and make all this available for use at the ideal time. It is not an easy process because it is not just “buying”, it is necessary to know what to buy, to know how and when to buy, always thinking about the best for the company and then the most difficult thing to guarantee deadlines, especially in subcontracting.


 4.       What strategies do you use to overcome these challenges?

CHETO has created conditions over time to be able to control the process with the acquisition of tools (software) and training so that challenges are overcome. The preparation/planning of tasks and needs is the department's greatest challenge in order to achieve the best performance. Timely and accurate analysis of needs and approach to suppliers during the production process are, at this moment, the main strategies.


 5.       What is CHETO's success due to?

The success of CHETO is due, in my opinion, to its people. At the beginning, those who believed that it was an idea with potential  and who created the company and made it grow always trying to go further and do more and better. I think that this desire to do more, focused on customer needs, makes this success a reality and a future.


 6.       What are the differentiating features of CHETO machines?

These machines use the best technologies available on the market, both in terms of automation and construction.

CHETO machines can combine 5 processes in one machine, milling, drilling, tapping, boring and deep drilling. This makes this machine a huge asset for those who acquire it in their production process.

CHETO is always attentive to the evolution of the market and always seeks to accompany technological and digital development, presenting attractive and very competitive machines.


 7.       What prospects do you foresee for the future of CHETO?

As I said before, CHETO is always looking for more and better, analyzing the market and its needs. So I can only foresee a promising future and sustained growth.

The objective of expanding CHETO's presence throughout the world will be a very important global growth process for everyone.


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