16 Mars, 2022

CHETO through the eyes of… PEDRO NUNES


1.       Who is Eng. Pedro Nunes and when did your professional meet CHETO?

I am from Oliveira de Azeméis, more specifically from the parish of Santiago de Riba-Ul, where I was born 38 years ago. Married and father of two boys, aged 8 and 3, of whom I am very proud and love.

After completing secondary education, I entered the University of Aveiro in 2001 with a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. After graduating, I started working.

In 2008 I also attended and completed a CET in Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control, a course promoted by Escola Superior Aveiro Norte.

After a few years of working in the areas of maintenance and machine development, I started working at CHETO in 2014 as an Electrical Engineer in the production and installation of new machines, as well as in the maintenance of CHETO machines.

2.       What are your main duties and responsibilities at work?

At the moment, I am the Commissioning and Service Manager, that is, I am responsible for the Assemblies of the machines and the Technical Assistance Service.

3.       What challenges do you encounter daily?

The part of the Technical Assistance Service is very challenging in itself, in addition to this we have to consider that the vast majority of occurrences that arise cannot be planned, the response has to be fast.

The motivational and emotional part of those who work with me is also a great challenge, even more in times like the these, when we have to face a pandemic.

4.       What strategies do you use to overcome these challenges?

Above all, be honest with everyone, co-workers and customers.

The exchange and discussion of ideas among the CHETO team is also one of the strategies I use a lot.

Over the years, CHETO has also sought to provide its employees with both planning and leadership training, which have helped me a lot.

The technological tools available also help a lot, with the creation of action plans, scheduling…

5.       What is CHETO's success due to?

Our success is undoubtedly due to all the people who make up our structure.

6.       What are the differentiating features of CHETO machines?

Focus on the customer, always adapting the product and responding to the needs of our customers is also one of our strengths and differentiators in the market.

Innovation, always looking for the best technologies on the market.

7.       What do you expect for the future of CHETO?

Sustain a strong presence in the global market, with solid and sustained growth, strengthening our position at the forefront of deep hole CNC machines.


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