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  • CHETO was officially established in 2009, when the founders started a project to fully develop a deep hole drilling and milling machine-tool up to 7-axes, specialized for the mold making and the energy industry.
  • Since then, a continuous improvement and investigation allowed CHETO to offer the market a versatile product with high levels of accuracy and reliability.
  • This concept quickly positioned CHETO as a world-renowned brand. With machines sold in four continents, it is our goal to keep improving and innovating, to offer a highly competitive and value-creating product.
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Innovative concept
to optimize
deep hole drilling,
standard drilling
and milling




Cheto’s quality policy is based on the principle of satisfying customers’ needs and expectations, rooted in a balanced negotiation.

In order to ensure this principle’s compliance, it is given special regard to the:

  • motivation and competence of our employees, through their involvement and training;
  • capacity and performance of our suppliers, focused on the quality of our products (including services), with a thorough evaluation and understanding as business partners;
  • clarification of the requirements (legal, clients and suppliers);
  • balanced product control, depending on the risk of failure.

We commit ourselves to fulfill the legal and the clients’ requirements, as well as continuously improvement of the effectiveness of our quality system.



Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ISO 14001:2015



The Environmental Policy applies to all activities, products and services developed by Cheto, for the controllable aspects, but also in the entire transactional environment for the influenceable aspects, with a particular focus on suppliers.

It is based on the following principles:

  • Take into account the expectations and values of the main stakeholders in decision-making;
  • Manage and monitor the direct and indirect impacts on all activity based on Environmental Protection, considering, whenever possible, a life cycle perspective;
  • Integrate environmental criteria in the selection process of suppliers and subcontractors, assuming the role of change agent in the value chain, and collaborating with customers and suppliers in risk management and in improving their environmental performance;
  • Adopt responsible standards in order to ensure compliance with the environmental legislation and other applicable environmental regulations.
  • Promote eco-efficiency as a reference in management, minimizing the consumption of materials, energy and other natural resources, and respecting the hierarchy of waste management;
  • Actively involve employees in the implementation of the Environmental Policy, in particular through its environmental awareness and training so that everyone is aware of their individual and collective responsibilities in preserving the Environment;
  • Promote continuous improvement and ensure the assessment and monitoring of the environmental performance of all processes, in order to achieve the established environmental goals and targets.


We are committed to developing our activity in an environmentally responsible manner with a focus on eco-efficiency, contributing to long-term sustainable development, preventing pollution and continuously improving the environmental management system in order to improve environmental performance.



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